Have Questions about ScoreCard Rewards?

Q: What is ScoreCard Debit Rewards?

A: ScoreCard Debit Rewards is a program in which you earn points for the transactions you are already making! With ScoreCard Debit Rewards, you simply use your Troy Bank & Trust Visa® Debit Card in a credit (signature-based) transaction. When you are asked for your PIN (Personal Identification Number) or prompted to choose "credit" or "debit," choose "credit" and sign the sales receipt when available. In some cases, such as paying for gas at the pump, you won't need to sign a receipt. For every $2.00 you spend in a credit transaction, you'll earn 1 point to redeem for merchandise, travel, and other rewards. In addition to earning valuable points, ScoreCard Debit Rewards also gives you the protection of your signature in cases of disputed card charges and identity theft. Selecting "credit" does not make your debit card a credit card. It will come out of your bank account the same as if you had selected "debit."

Q: How do I enroll in ScoreCard Debit Rewards, and when do I start earning points?

A: No enrollment is necessary. ScoreCard Debit Rewards comes as a feature of your Troy Bank & Trust Visa Debit Card. Your points start when you first use your debit card as a signature-based transaction.

Q: What if I don't want to be a part of ScoreCard Debit Rewards?

A: No action by you is necessary. Simply use your card as normal and don't sign onto the Scorecard Rewards website and your points will accumulate and not be used. But how much fun would that be?

Q: How do I sign onto the Rewards website?

A: Go to our website, www.troybankandtrust.com, and click on the ScoreCard link OR go directly to www.scorecardrewards.com and enter your first and last name, the last 8 digits of your debit card number, and your zip code. To enter the website faster, you can create a login ID by clicking on the "create login/password" link at the bottom of the New User/No Login ID box.

Q: What if the website locks me out? Who can help me?

A: The website should not lock you out. If you do not remember your username and/or password, click the link to log in without an ID. The site will allow you to enter you're your First Name, Last Name, last 8 digits of debit card number and zip code. If you still cannot log in, call ScoreCard Customer Service at 1-800-854-0790.

Q: How do I know how many Points I have?

A: Point balances are always available on www.scorecardrewards.com or you may call ScoreCard Customer Service at 1-800-854-0790 to verify your balance. It takes up to three days for points to load on the website after a purchase.

Q: How are Points calculated?

A: The Program Administrator will round the points up if the cents portion of the dollar amount is $.50 or more and will round down if the cents portion is less than $0.50. Based on an example of scoring 1 Point for $2 for signature Debit Card purchases, the system will score as follows: If a cardholder makes a transaction worth $25.30, the system will first multiply the dollar amount of the transaction by the amount of Points awarded per dollar, which for a Check Card is .5. The resulting number is then rounded to determine the Points that may be awarded: $25.30 x .5 = $12.65, which is then rounded up to $13.00, resulting in 13 Points.

Q: Do my Points expire?

A: As long as your Troy Bank & Trust Visa Debit Card account is open and the Rewards Program has not ended, your ScoreCard Reward Points have a 5-year expiration date. The expiration of points will occur annually in October and you will be notified beginning 6 months prior to the expiration of points. However, if your Troy Bank & Trust checking account is closed for any reason, any unredeemed Points remaining on the date of account closure are forfeited and expire. If the Rewards Program is to end for any reason, you will be notified. In that event you will have at least 60 days to redeem your Points. After this redemption period, any unredeemed Points will expire.

Q: How am I notified of the number of Points that I have accumulated?

A: Point information is communicated in an easy-to-read format on an annual paper statement that we will mail to you. We will also email you updated point information to the email address we have on file for you. You may also obtain Points information by visiting www.scorecardrewards.com or by calling ScoreCard at 1-800-854-0790.

Q: If I don't have enough Points for the Award item I want, can I buy the extra Points I need?

A: Yes. Additional Points are available for purchase to complete a point redemption purchase at www.scorecardrewards.com.

Q: Are earned Points redeemable for cash?

A: No. Points are not redeemable for cash. However, Points can be redeemed for a wide variety of travel and merchandise Awards, including gift certificates. Visit www.scorecardrewards.com to view a complete list of available Awards.

Q: If I close my account, how long do I have to redeem the Points?

A: If your account is closed, by you or us, for any reason, any unredeemed Points remaining on the date of account closure are forfeited and expire.

Q: When can I order Awards?

A: You may order Awards anytime during the program as long as your account is in good standing (that is, not delinquent, in default, canceled, closed or otherwise inactive) and you have enough Points to redeem the requested Award. The minimum number of points required to redeem awards is 2,000 points.

Q: How do I order Awards?

A: For merchandise Awards you can print an order form from www.scorecardrewards.com. Simply complete the form, including all information requested, and mail to the address printed on the form. You may also order merchandise Awards using the online shopping feature at www.scorecardrewards.com. The minimum number of points required to redeem awards is 2,000 points.

Q: I don't have access to a computer. How can I redeem my points?

A: We have a ScoreCard Debit Rewards Catalog that we can mail to you. There are six award options at several point levels. Just fill out the form that comes with the catalog and mail it to ScoreCard Rewards Headquarters.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding redeeming Points under the ScoreCard Debit Rewards Program?

A: Call ScoreCard Customer Service at 1-800-854-0790.

Merchandise-Related Questions

Q: If I order more than one item, will they be shipped together?

A: We cannot guarantee that items will be shipped together. You may receive several shipments to complete your order.

Q: What if the item I order is not available?

A: Sometimes ordered items are on backorder with the manufacturer. If the backorder is for a short period, such as two weeks, we will notify you of your backorder status and ship the item once it is available. If the backorder status is going to be longer, we may contact you to allow you to select an alternate Award or you may elect to cancel your order and have the Points added back to your ScoreCard Debit Rewards account.

Q: For merchandise Awards, how long after I place my order should I expect to receive the ordered items?

A: Generally, merchandise Awards will be shipped from the Award Headquarters via a parcel delivery service or by the U.S. Postal Service and should arrive no more than 4-6 weeks after your order is received. Some items may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. You will be notified if there is a delay in filling your order.

Q: What happens if my merchandise Award arrives damaged?

A: Please check your packages closely for any apparent damage before signing to accept a package. If there is damage, please write a note on the delivery receipt before signing to accept the package. If after you open the package you find the merchandise is damaged, please follow the directions on the packing slip included with your shipment and notify Award Headquarters. You will be given instructions and a return authorization number to return the merchandise for replacement.

Q: Where can I get a complete list of available merchandise Awards?

A: Troy Bank & Trust has a complete list at www.scorecardrewards.com .

Airline Ticket-Related Questions

Q: Can I change or return my airline ticket if my plans change after the ticket is issued?

A: You may not return a ticket to ScoreCard Award Headquarters but you may contact an airline directly for changes. Any change is subject to the rules and regulations of the particular airline and is subject to change fees and penalties they may impose, if any.

Q: With a schedule that does not allow me to stay over a Saturday night or to book the reservation 21 days in advance, can I still get an airline ticket?

A: The US 48/Canada point value provides you with the alternate choice to have a credit of up to $325 applied toward the purchase of an airline ticket to any destination, in any class of service, on any airline, at any time with no restrictions. The purchase of this "full option" ticket will require you pay an additional $25 service fee and any additional monies owed up to the full value of the ticket selected.

Q: Is the Federally imposed Security fee included with my free/ full-option ticket?

A: No, like all the free airline frequent flyer tickets you are responsible for that fee. It will be collected at the time of booking the ticket and will be $2.50 per segment flown and will not exceed $5.00 per one-way or $10.00 per round trip.

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